ere we include some basic information regarding weddings in St. Patrick’s and in Rome. This not meant to be exhaustive; just a starting point from where one can explore further by making contact with us here in Rome.

In general, weddings of Irish couples or couples of Irish descent, take place in 3 locations in Rome: St. Patrick’s Church; The Irish College and the church of San Silvestro. These are 3 distinct and separate locations. Many people confuse St. Patrick’s with the Irish College, but they are completely independent. The following information applies to St. Patrick’s Church as the 2 other locations may have different local regulations.

St. Patrick’s ( Irish Augustinians ) 00 39 06 42903787
  00 39 06 42917055 (Fax)
The Irish College 00 39 06 772631
San Silvestro 00 39 06 6797775
Close to 900 “Irish” weddings take place in Italy every year and most of these take place in Rome. Therefore it is vital that you procure a date for your wedding at the earliest opportunity.

For St. Patrick’s, the contact person is Fr. Tony Finn OSA. And contact should be made during “Wedding Office” hours.

Monday  -  Friday:
8:00am – 9:30am / 4:30pm – 6:30pm (Irish Time)